Engineering and Design Services
Multi-Concept, Inc., offers a full range of Product Design Services. We specialize in the complete design and delivery of a wide range of custom products. Our focus is on a rapid product launch for our customer and a core focus on quality, cost and manufacturing of the product. We also offer a full functional test fixture design and delivery for our customers.

arrowDesign Approach
Turn-Key Design Services



Desig Net Wiki
(Snapshot of the Design Net Wiki, critical for realtime collaboration
throughout our development process.)

arrow Concurrent Design Tools
Secure Online Tools provide real-time client involvement and interaction throughout development.

arrow In-House Services
Industrial, Electronic, PC Board Design and Software Development

arrow Patents
We identify Patent opportunities and apply for protection for our clients.

arrow Modular Approach
Designs are modular to simplify verification and validation efforts.

arrow Modular Components
Modular assemblies are used where appropriate to control development and product costs. Examples include, use of off-the-shelf CPU Boards and WiFi / Bluetooth Modules.

arrow Reference Designs
Our library of reference design modules ensures reliable proven results at no additional cost.

arrow Industry Crossover
We leverage our experience in consumer product components to reduce the cost of medical and commercial products.


We build, test and verify all product prototypes in-house.


We work with manufacturing organizations concurrently throughout the development to ensure manufacturability.

Documentation Package

We deliver a complete documentation package suitable for any ISO or FDA manufacturing organization.

Manufacturing Support

We support your manufacturer of choice to ensure a smooth transition into production.


We work with manufacturing organizations concurrently throughout the development to ensure manufacturability.










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Product Categories





arrow Consumer Products
arrow Commercial Products

arrow Medical Products

Wireless Technologies

arrow WiFi
arrow Bluetooth
arrow Zigbee
arrow Broadband - 2G/3G/4G


arrow Custom Control Systems
arrow Custom USB Devices
arrow Custom GUI Interfaces
arrow Compact Designs
arrow Flex Circuit Designs
arrow Touchscreens
arrow Digital Cameras
arrow Medical Products with Redundant Hardware Safety Systems

Microprocessor Platforms

arrow Texas Instruments ARM, MSP4xx
arrow Microchip PIC
arrow Intel x86 including ATOM
arrow AMD x86
arrow Atmel Microcontrollers

Operating Systems

arrow Windows XP
arrow XP Embedded / Windows Embedded 7
arrow Windows CE
arrow Linux

Software Development

arrow C/C++
arrow Adobe FLASH
arrow GUI Interface Design
arrow Complex Application Software
arrow 3D rendering analysis software